What Was: Security and Utility Tokens

Almost two years have disappeared in a heartbeat, but nothing much substantial appears to have changed on the US securities regulatory landscape for blockchain tokens and other digital assets.

When it comes to any substantive pronouncement, the date of The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Strategic Hub for Financial Innovation…

Phillips Art Auction House London
Auction Houses are cornerstones of the fine art industry

While the spotlight has recently been on established auction houses anti-money laundering (“AML”), counter-terrorism and sanctions compliance, and the prospect of the United States, like the United Kingdom and the European Union before it, making AML compliance mandatory for art industry protagonists, there appears to be little focus on the…

In an earlier post, Fine Art goes online: the (virtual) reality of COVID-19 and the changing face of the fine art market, we wrote about how the art market was trying to adapt to the ravages of COVID-19.

Virtual Reality and Art Blockchain : The New Frontier

We noted how art galleries were rushing to virtual platforms, art viewing…

Sam Miller

Founder: TheFineArtLedger.com, blockchain powered fine art title and authentication platform, art collector, Rimon P.C. corporate finance attorney. Venice, CA

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