The Fine Art Ledger is FAL: A Case Study for Art Blockchain

Blue Bite, the company that brings physical products to life using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and FAL partner recently published a case study on The Fine Art Ledger highlighting FAL’s unique ability to digitize works of art and use its art blockchain platform as a step towards solving the the age old problem of art authentication.

Art blockchain with the Fine Art Ledger
The Fine Art Ledger’s Mobile Fine Art Experience: adding depth to art ownership and promotion using art blockchain

Read the full case study here.

The Case Study recognizes the multi-faceted applications which FAL provides, catering not only to collectors looking to digitize and authenticate their works through art blockchain stamped records of the artwork (which some other art blockchain platforms focus on almost exclusively), but also the benefits to art galleries, artists, art fairs; in fact any person looking to authenticate, promote or sell artworks or provide access to the story behind the artwork .

This can even include hotels or restaurants using their spaces to exhibit art or simply to enhance the guest experience with an additional veneer of artistic discernment.

The unique system of art blockchain actually tied to the physical work of art, opens up a range of possibilities for art promotion, sale and authentication.

Using FAL, artists can easily put their stamp on the physical work as their original artifact, and when they sell the work give their patrons the artwork’s stamp of authenticity which is always accessible with a mobile phone scan of the artwork.

FAL is an integrated system, meaning that the art blockchain record of the art follows the artwork. When purchased, the artist simply transfers the artwork to buyer on FAL, giving the buyer her own FAL member account where the work is catalogued and the art blockchain, real-time certificate of authenticity is immediately available.

Certifying art as your original work has never been easier for artists.

Art blockchain with The Fine Art Ledger for artists
Easily authenticate your artworks with The Fine Art Ledger’s art blockchain

Since FAL controls the content that can be served to its users’ mobile phones on the scan of the artwork, it can serve a diverse array of content when each artwork is scanned, specific to that art work.

We call these Mobile Fine Art Experiences™. FAL’s platform gives its users the ability to upload content to each specific artwork registered on FAL. So if you want to add video about the artists or the work, its easy: simply upload a video file or a YouTube link to your FAL member’s account page for that artwork. Images, Instagram posts, documents, web links? No problem. All served neatly to your or your patron’s mobile phones with a scan of a mobile phone.

This provides unprecedented opportunities for art galleries and art fairs promoting artworks. Each artwork is easy to populate with its own content, giving the patron an immersive experience of the artwork in the palm of her hand, and providing access to art information, empowering and engaging your patrons, placing the artwork and artist in context and smoothing the path to closing the sale.

Signing up as a member on FAL is free, and takes a few seconds.

Registering a works is easy too, and also free. Register as many artworks as you like, and all the works, once approved by FAL, are auto-catalogued in your FAL member account.

To get the Mobile Fine Art Experience and to tag each work, buy FAL NFC tags. They come in packs of 5, 15 and 30. And you don’t need to wait for the NFC tags to be delivered to you. You can always register your artworks and tag them later!

Art blockchain for art galleries with The Fine Art Ledger
Art Blockchain and the Fine Art Ledger’s Mobile Fine Art Experiences; giving your patrons the story behind the art

So, FAL goes way beyond just art blockchain: it provides tools for all art market protagonists to authenticate, catalog, promote and sell art. And above all it fulfills FAL’s primary mission of using art blockchain and art technology in general to make access to fine art information and the capture of fine art interest that much easier.



Founder:, blockchain powered fine art title and authentication platform, art collector, Rimon P.C. corporate finance attorney. Venice, CA

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Sam Miller

Founder:, blockchain powered fine art title and authentication platform, art collector, Rimon P.C. corporate finance attorney. Venice, CA